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product information

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Nylon 6

Proven Commercial Nylon

Zeftron is a solution dyed nylon 6 yarn system. Proven to meet the rigorous demands of contract interiors, nylon 6 offers superior styling, performance and recycling benefits.

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Fully Renewable

Specifying a product with recycled content shouldn’t be an either/or proposition. That’s why our Zeftron nylon yarn system contains 25% recycled content. No matter the style or the colorway, with Zeftron you’ll be assured to always get a product with recycled content.

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Quick Ship

Flexible and Fast Delivery

You need it fast. We inventory all of our colors, ensuring next day shipping on most orders. Smaller packages are available for custom projects, samples and strike-offs. Larger quantities up to 200 lbs. or full cases are also available.

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120+ colors. Unlimited Options.

Our color palette of 120 colors is recognized for its brilliance, clarity and clear crisp hues. The versatility of our colors, ranging from bold accents to metallics, provides unlimited design options and unsurpassed color continuity from lot to lot and order to order.

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Premium Product. Superior Guarantee.

Zeftron stands behind its superior performing product with superior warranty protection. An industry innovator, Zeftron’s lifetime warranties include: Carpet Wear, Static Control, Stain Removal and Color Stability.

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Technical Data

Product Specifics

    • Nylon 6
    • 100% Solution Dyed
    • 25% Recycled Content in All Colors
    • 120 Colors
    • Custom Color Capability
    • 100% Antistat Placement
    • 1288 Denier
    • Fully Recyclable