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Commercial flooring spaces require a high performing product. The product must be able to withstand the harshest kind of traffic, whether from people, desks, chairs or other items used in offices, schools or hotels. It must be able to retain its color and pattern against beating sunlight, coffee spills or other stains. In short, it must look as new in a few years as it did the day it was first installed.

For more than 40 years, Zeftron has been delivering more to specifiers and end users of commercial carpet products. That’s because Zeftron nylon is a premium nylon 6 fiber that not only withstands but also exceeds virtually any performance expectation.



Performance Certification

Zeftron nylon was the first premium branded yarn system in the industry to establish a performance certification program for commercial carpets. The program provides an unmatched level of assurance that the commercial carpet products made with Zeftron nylon meet or exceed all critical performance characteristics required for a specific end use purpose.  

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The Zeftron nylon Performance Certification program is an independent assessment of a carpet’s construction specifications and its expected level of performance when subjected to varying levels and types of traffic. Carpets after evaluation are assigned a traffic class rating of either Class I (moderate traffic), Class II (heavy traffic) or Class III (extra heavy traffic). A carpet must meet minimum performance requirements before it is accepted as a Zeftron premium branded style carpet. Once achieving certification, the carpet is the warranted for life for stain removal, colorfastness, wear and static control.

Lifetime Warranties

Zeftron stands behind its superior performing product with superior warranty protection. In fact, Zeftron was the first in the industry to offer a lifetime stain removal guarantee and lifetime performance warranties.

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Today, Zeftron offers lifetime performance warranties for:

Carpet Wear -- When installed and maintained as recommended by the Zeftron nylon Service Center, the carpet will retain at least 90 percent of its pile fiber for the duration of its useful life (subject to certain limitations)

Static Control – When installed and maintained as recommended by the Zeftron nylon Service Center, the carpet will be shock-proof to human beings for the duration of its useful life

Stain Removal – Carpets made exclusively with Zeftron nylon solution-dyed nylon yarn, when installed and maintained as recommended, will resist permanent stains caused by spills of all substances for the duration of its useful life

Color Stability – Carpets made exclusively with Zeftron nylon solution-dyed nylon yarn and containing only Zeftron approved yarn or carpet treatments, and when installed indoors and maintained as recommended by Zeftron, the carpet will be colorfast against exposure to light and atmospheric contaminants

No other fiber brand in the industry can match the breadth of coverage and level of support provided through these warranties. Please contact us for full warranty details


Superior Service and Support

Zeftron’s commitment to a high performing product does not end with Performance Certification and lifetime warranties. Zeftron delivers more. We provide additional services to further ensure the product specified meets the demands of the space in which it will be expected to perform.

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Our additional services include:

Traffic Classifications – Zeftron can help ensure proper carpet selection based on the traffic classification designated after Performance Certification testing, and also assure the carpet's full protection under the appropriate Zeftron warranty

Specification Assistance – The Zeftron nylon team of marketing specialists provide assistance to help clarify the art and science of selecting the appropriate carpet for a particular end-use area

Proper Carpet Care and Maintenance Support – Zeftron can provide experienced expertise to extend the carpet’s value and beauty years beyond the initial installation

Technical Support
Should unexpected issues arise, Zeftron provides onsite problem-solving technical expertise and product performance assessment to specifiers and end users for the life of the carpet

Environmental Consciousness
Through Zeftron nylon’s 6ix Again program, we will assist to ensure an environmentally responsible alternative to a landfill disposal at the end of the carpet’s useful life



Solution Dyed Nylon

Specifying a commercial carpet with a premium solution-dyed nylon like Zeftron nylon provides numerous advantages, including vibrant coloring and styling possibilities – as well as superior durability and wear.  But be aware:  Not all solution-dyed yarns are created equal.    

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A solution dyed nylon such as Zeftron has high quality pigments (color) added during the nylon manufacturing process. Infusing color into the nylon itself produces superior colorfastness characteristics and color retention, especially when compared to a “white” nylon, which has its color added later in the carpet manufacturing process.

But remember: not all solution dyed nylon is the same. Simply being solution dyed does not mean the carpet is completely resistant to stains, cleaning chemicals or bleaching. Nor does it mean the carpet will possess superior colorfastness properties or retain its color over the long-term due to other atmospheric contaminants.

That’s why specifying a commercial carpet made with Zeftron nylon is always the right choice.

Delivering More

Specifiers and end users requiring a high performing commercial carpet product need to look no further than products made with Zeftron nylon. Millions of yards of installed carpet spanning 40 years might be proof enough. But Zeftron delivers more. Zeftron, a premium solution dyed nylon 6 fiber, is further enhanced with unmatched warranties and value-added services. Combined, these advantages provide unequaled assurance and peace of mind to designers, specifiers and end users. It means that carpet made with Zeftron nylon is guaranteed to meet or exceed its intended end use specification for years to come.




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