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Environmental responsibility is more than just providing a product with recycled content or one that can be recycled. It’s more than just making a claim about being green and putting a label on it. It’s about preserving our natural resources through recovery, reuse and recycling. It’s about finding innovative ways to protect finite resources with greater efficiency while still offering a premium choice. Zeftron understands this and is committed to sustainability every day and in everything we do.

Fully Renewable

As a premium commercial carpet nylon, Zeftron nylon has long been at the forefront of environmental responsibility. The heart of Zeftron’s sustainability starts with its composition. Unlike some other commercial carpet nylon, Zeftron nylon is a fully renewable type 6 nylon.

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As a fully renewable type 6 nylon, Zeftron nylon can be recycled back into virgin-grade nylon and reused in new commercial carpet products over and over again without losing any performance, durability, coloring or styling attributes.

Zeftron has achieved the coveted Cradle to CradleTM certification, which provides third-party assurance that its products and processes create ecological footprints that include positive effects on economic, ecological and social health.

25% Recycled Content

Zeftron assures a minimum of 25 percent recycled content in every color. 

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Specifiers and designers can rest easy knowing that the product they specify with Zeftron nylon will contain no less than 25 percent recycled content, no matter the mill, the style or the colorway. 

Specification of Zeftron nylon means:

  • 25% recycled content in every Zeftron nylon product
  • Identical depth and clarity of color
  • Lifetime warranties for stain removal, colorfastness, wear and static control
  • Performance Certification Testing
  • Qualifies for 6ix Again® program
  • All environmental claims and attributes are Cradle to Cradle Certified TM.

Cradle to Cradle Certified TM is a certification mark licensed by the Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute.

LEED Credit

Because of its environmentally responsible composition and manufacturing process as verified through its Cradle to CradleTM Products Innovation certification, products made with Zeftron nylon can contribute to LEED credits

6ix Again Carpet Recycling Program

Recognizing that true sustainability must extend beyond the product itself, Zeftron was the first nylon brand in the industry to introduce a nationwide commercial carpet recycling program that continues to provide an environmentally responsible alternative to the landfill disposal of used carpet.  

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The 6ix Again program is a cost-effective, simple to use, all-inclusive carpet recycling initiative.

By utilizing a network of collection centers across the country, the 6ix Again center assess each returned carpet, its construction type and materials, and then determines the proper recycling path.

The Right Choice

Zeftron is proud of its sustainable achievements and history.  But we don’t rest on our laurels.  We continue to innovate to find more ways to preserve and protect our earth’s limited resources and offer environmentally responsible choices for the marketplace.

Taken together, Zeftron’s green story is another way we continue to “Deliver More.”


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