Tag. You're it.
The Enviro6ix tag and label assures recycled content availability across the entire Zeftron nylon product line.
Enviro6ix® is not a brand unto itself, it is a designator—a mark of assurance. A simple guarantee that any Zeftron nylon product bearing the Enviro6ix® tag contains no less than 25% recycled content.
Get the Enviro6ix® facts:
  • 25% recycled content in all Zeftron® nylon products
  • Identical depth and clarity of color
  • All specific product warranties apply
  • Qualifies for Performance Certification
  • Qualifies for 6ix Again® program
  • All environmental claims and attributes are certified by an independent third-party for recycled content
Look for the Enviro6ix® tag on architect folders and pomsets.
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