2013 Zeftron Nylon Sustainable Practices Award

Zeftron® nylon has been manufacturing an environmentally responsible nylon 6ix fiber for more than 40 years. The Zeftron Nylon Sustainable Practices Award is our opportunity to recognize sustainable achievements in our industry that are also making a difference.
The Sustainable Practices Award seeks to recognize innovative projects in the architect and design community that are helping create a more sustainable environment.  If you are a part of such a project, Zeftron nylon would love to hear about it.

The Zeftron nylon Sustainable Practices Award recognition is open to any commercial project within the United States.  Projects must have been completed within the past 18 months.  Projects submitted for this award must include carpet made with Zeftron nylon.

Entry Guidelines
The Sustainable Practices Award is an ongoing initiative that recognizes innovative and sustainable projects in the architect and design communities.  Entries are accepted and evaluated as they are submitted. 

Entry Submission:
Submissions can be made directly via this microsite at the “Submit a Project” tab or by contacting Tim Blount at 706-275-2984. 

There is no cost to enter.  Submissions are judged on originality, sustainable commitment and innovation.

Award Recognition:
Zeftron will select and recognize innovative and sustainable projects and the A&D firms responsible for completing those projects.  Both the projects and the firms will be promoted at this website and through various publicity activities with prior consent from the selected firms.