2018 Projects Photo Contest

Zeftron wants project photos of your mill’s carpet made with Zeftron… and we’ll pay you for it! To be eligible to receive a $50 American Express Gift Card, simply follow the instructions below


Photo Quantity: 5 Photos Per Project
To be eligible, for each project, please cap the number of photos you send to five (5) total. There is no limit to the number of projects you can submit photos for. So, if you know of three great projects, you can submit a total of 15 photos.
Types of Projects:  Any Commercial Interior Space
We’re accepting photos from any commercial project.  The projects must be from 2013 or newer. 
Photo Type and Quality:
We don’t need professional-grade photos. But we do want ones that clearly show the carpet and the space. Photos taken from your smart phone or a camera are fine. Here are some tips that can help:
  1. 1. Good Light & Clear Focus -- Be sure your shots have plenty of light and are in focus. (Dark and blurry photos will not make the cut.)
  1. 2. No People & Clear Focus -- Please try not to include people in your shots.
  1. 3. Shoot the Product and the Environment -- Close-ups of the carpet are fine. But, we also want to see what the carpet looks like in the environment, so be sure to have at least one photo that shows some portion of the space.
  1. 4. Photo Size -- Please try to keep individual photos to under 2MBs each.
Photo Submission Directions:
  1. You can submit your photos directly by clicking here >> Upload Images
Winner Selection Process:
To be eligible to receive a $50 gift card, photos must be received, along with all required information per each submission (see above).
Zeftron will distribute up to 10 gift cards in the amount of $50. More than one gift card may be awarded to an individual, pending the quality and amount of photos submitted. Winners will be notified by Zeftron nylon within 30 days of the close of the contest. Zeftron reserves the sole and final right to select all winners.
Publicity Purposes
If your photo is selected, we will follow up with you to determine steps for potential marketing and publicity purposes. Note: No photos submitted as part of this contest will be made public until we receive approvals by your carpet mill, and if needed, the architect/design firm and the client/end-user related to the project.

Please contact Tim Blount at 706-532-2984 or Email Here
  1. Submit your photos by clicking here >> Upload Images