Zeftron color palette

Our color palette of 120 colors is recognized for its brilliance, clarity and clear crisp hues. The versatility of our colors, ranging from bold accents to metallics, provides unlimited design options and unsurpassed color continuity from lot to lot and order to order.


Our brilliant collection

Designer influenced and engineered for exquisite aesthetics, The Brilliant Collection, an accumulation of seven highly vibrant accent colors, brings an added dash of energy and excitement to hospitality, corporate or other commercial interior spaces.


Reflective elements collection

Developed through advanced fiber engineering techniques, light, color and luster combine to create a reflective effect similar to the sparkle of fine jewelry or sunlight dancing on water. These specialty yarns bring a look of sophistication to any environment.


Designer select collections

Driven exclusively by ongoing designer collaboration, this collection is an ever-evolving assembly of colors that reflects the most up-to-date, advanced and current color trends. Subtle neutrals to rich earth tones comprise this latest collection of beautiful base shades. These colors expand and perfectly complement our existing color line as well as our latest collections.





Zeftron color pom box

Inspiration is at your fingertips. Our entire color palette of perfectly tufted poms is expertly arranged in an easy-to-handle pom box. Pull a pom to match to your color swatch or mood board. Then replace it using the simple location system. Our colors, your vision!