BE INSPIRED Radical Colors


if the new decade has delivered anything, it’s disruption. New technologies, political protests, and a global pandemic introduced the 2020s.

Not surprisingly, escapism has been a chief mindset for 2021. With that, the colors, designs and patterns have shifted to intensely saturated hues that are being combined in unimaginable ways.

Our new trend booklet "Radically Modern Color" dives into the unimaginable ways colors are being combined and applied to create everything from apparel to home decor.

4 Trends of Radically Modern Color

The Psychedelic Comeback
Kaleidoscopic colors. Vibrant tones. Sinuous Lines. Brusts of melting colors of tie-dye.

Building Blocks
Putting two to three colors together that are loud and clash with one another.

Blurring The Line
Gradients and color transitions are all the range..

Clash Of The Colors
Using different shades of the same color group..